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ARKTKT is both an alias and a fitting description for the meticulous manner in which New Jersey native, Jarred Barnes, constructs and manipulates sound. A Berklee College graduate, Barnes’ academic tutelage is reflected tenfold in each one of his productions; rendering highly detailed compositions featuring self-sung vocals and keyboard solos that showcase a deep affinity for music theory as much as a love of innovative songwriting.

Heavily entrenched in the East- Coast Jazz community, ARKTKT’s talents caught the ear of many significant industry heads, seeing the young producer songwriting for artists such as Fetty Wap and YBN Almighty Jay, alongside earning praise from industry stalwarts such as Timbaland. With a return to his solo catalogue in 2019, ARKTKT looks toward a string of highly collaborative releases, exhibiting a newfound musical direction that truly heralds the dawn of a new age in soulful electronica.

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